NHCC Today

Jr./Sr. High Students

We believe in three solid principles for a successful student and young adult ministry and they are as follows:

(1) Biblical - All of the lessons will be biblically centered with an emphasis on the historical methods of studying scripture. Most of the lessons for the student ministry will be a book-by-book reading/study.


(2) Cultural -The church is often falling behind in creating culture, and I find this especially true. Often the church conforms to the recent cultural trends, usually to its advantage. However, this ministry should be a culture creating group. What that entails is a group that is actively creating art, writings and music that will bring about a positive interaction with the world at large.


(3) Relational -  Relationships should probably be listed first or second in matter of importance here. Ultimately this ministry should be about the relationships that are cultivated. It is the goal to be a larger family here at NHCC and create an environment of recepitivity. These relationships will cultivate a larger program of growth within the ministry itself; for these relationships will bring about leaders and life-long commitment to the Kingdom of God.